4 months in iPhone pictures

3 Mar

Sooo it’s been a while. Things got a little busy at work, with the new job and with friends…so I kind of decided to take a little hiatus from blogging. I must say, it was nice to log into my account this afternoon after all that time. Kind of like running into an old friend.

In a sad attempt to fill the gap between November and March, here are photos from my iPhone of things I did that I probably would have blogged about.

Early November – Setting up the Christmas..riiiight after Halloween

November – Goodbye cute little Calgary apartment…i’ll miss the parking lot drama that never once failed to entertain me

End of November – Christmas baking with Celine, Candice…and Nelly’s paws on some cookies (oops)

December – Nelly’s christmas dress (aka some people’s take on animal cruelty)

December – Christmas party at Castle Grayskull. Super sketch Santa

December – Goodbye hair. Hello drying my hair in 4 minutes.

December – Trying Peter’s Drive In for the very first time. Of course I picked the side where I would need to reach over the passenger seat for my food.

 Christmas morning – Watching my family celebrating Christmas while I ate an eggo waffle and wiped tears from my eyes.

It was also apparently sponsored by Nicoderm.

December – Spotting Santa taking it easy at Starbucks a few days after Christmas. Made my day.

December – Ironing the wrinkles out of my cat.

New Year’s Eve – Calgary, so beautiful. I love this city.

January – The “STAMPEDE” shirt I was eyeing at Anthro for months that everyone hated FINALLY goes on sale and makes it’s way into my Stampede box.

January – Watching as Steve and Nelly’s love-hate relationship goes through highs and lows

January – First time antiquing in Nanton…found this awesome marker, which also marks my big thirty this year.

January – Estate Sale bargain! Awesome bike from the 1980s in mint condition.

January – Cowboy boots found at Value Village for $12,99

January – Dinner with Aunt Sharon at Broken Plate. Here she is, causing damage.

February – the only picture I have from Vegas on my phone. Cancelled flight = hours and hours of waiting at the airport for a hotel room

February – First Calgary Roughnecks game! Love the high fives and energy in the stadium

February – Decided to dehydrate this orange from Las Vegas for 3 weeks at my desk to see what would happen. Didn’t realize how anti-climactic that experiment would turn out to be.

February – Dinner with Carole Anne at Divina’s. Great catch up and delicious food.

March – Major Baking fail. This was originally supposed to be chocolate chip cookies until it all went horribly horribly wrong.

Calgary windstorm…why it took an hour and a half for me to get home from work

27 Nov

I was wondering why traffic was being re-routed all throughout the downtown this afternoon…and now I finally know why. Windstorms gusting up to 100km per hour were actually blowing items off buildings downtown…which is why I was re-routed east through Inglewood and passed the zoo. Pretty interesting weather to say the least!

News article on the windstorms.

Gift idea for gals

23 Nov

Have I mentioned how much I love Luxe Box?? LOVE.

This is a small treat I allow myself once a month – for about $12/month I receive a beautiful little box delivered straight to my door, filled with large samples of fantastic products. These are all based on the preferences I identified in my profile. You get 4-5 of them per box, just enough to give you a fair sample to determine if you like the product. Last month I received a small morroccan oil, an eye cream and a primer that I adore…and I can’t wait to see what i’ll be getting next month!

If you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving, check these out – I strongly recommend it!!

Milk does a car bad

21 Nov

Argh! I accidentally spilled my cereal all over myself this morning on my way to work. It was supposed to be in a fail proof special cereal container…but it failed. Just another stellar Monday morning…


All moved in! (almost)

20 Nov

It was a stroke of luck that I chose this past Saturday as my big moving day as it was quite possibly the coldest, most painful day ever i’ve experienced in 2011. We’re talking cold wind and total frozen breaths. Luckily I did not slip on the icy steps of my building and despite dropping my blender on the hard concrete, nothing broke! Success! I also brought Nelly to her new home for the first time and despite some apprehension on the way over,  she’s adapted rather quickly. Judging by her deep continuous purr, she is loving her new home.

Now to unpack and get myself organized.

Ok, so that’s a pretty boring update. Here are a few other slightly more interesting things i’ve done over the past week…


1. Attended my first Flames game! 

What a great game…especially seeing as Ottawa took it home! Thanks to my buddy Phil for attending with me and for sporting this awesome stache!

2. Ordered the Swiss Chalet Festive Special

It’s not Christmas until you’ve a) Watched National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation and b) ordered the Swiss Chalet festive special!! It was the perfect tradition to share with my coworkers, my “work family” if you will. Not only did we hungrily stake out the delivery man together, we ate our meals as a team in the lunch area (making everyone else around us jealous) and in the afternoon we shared the feeling of the Swiss Chalet food coma. I’m now ready for the holidays.

3. Landed a seasonal job at Anthropologie for the holidays. 

Unfortunately I won’t be going home this year and will be joining in my family’s Christmas celebration via webcam instead. To keep myself busy and distracted during this time, I decided i’d apply at my favorite store Anthropologie to work during the month of December. I am so excited! I went in to sign my papers and met some of my new coworkers who are really great. Turns out there are many of us who are working the extra job with the discount in mind! I have already started compiling my wish list :)

Most amazing value village find EVER…Hudson’s Bay point blanket coat

14 Nov


I cannot believe I just found this HUDSONS BAY POINT BLANKET COAT for $34!!!! I actually exclaimed “OH MY GAAAAAWD” out loud when I saw it and then nearly fell over when I picked it up and saw the price. (Here is the same coat on ebay, going for $549) The lady in the picture is the cashier at Value Village who was trying to get me to reconsider once she realized she had missed that coat during her shift. (luckily emotion does not affect me when I am treasure hunting…my heart turns to steel and my compassion, tolerance and generosity evaporates quicker than you can say “BARGAIN”) Of course, she didn’t want to be identified (and really, I wouldn’t either if I had passed up this coat).

Amazing. They don’t even make these coats anymore…i’m flabbergasted.

I guess the only downside is that it’s a Large and i’m swimming in it. Siiiigh….

…Looks like it’s time to start eating more.

Sunday morning at Pottery Barn

13 Nov

The Christmas season is now actually kind of upon us! With Starbucks in hand, Pridds and I spent this morning learning all about Christmas holiday decorating basics at Pottery Barn. The store was packed with eager ladies wanting to get their holiday “decor on”. We learned some great tips such as burning pillar candles just long enough to create a hole to place a tea light (this makes your expensive and fancy candles last longer) and to try to always decorate visualizing a triangle. We were also advised to decorate with a maximum of three different colors EXCEPT if you’re ecclectic (which I so proudly am…hurray for chaos). Despite the fact that most of the other ladies were carting around baskets full of ornaments, table runners and vase fillers, Pridds and I limited ourselves to a few ornaments only.


Pack pack pack

7 Nov

So to explain my “long story short” post, last week I was offered a place to stay that is closer to my work and ridiculously affordable. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this opportunity… I will be able to get myself back to where i was. So I am moving…again…and in fact I am so great at moving that i got home from work, found a tenant to move in and take over my lease…a young girl who was just as enthusiastic as i was back when i first saw this place. Once she left, I started planning out how i would utilize the next three weekends, ran to home depot to buy polyfilla, took down all of my pictures, filled the holes in the walls and dismantled half my apartment. The next few weeks will be busy indeed…





Long story short…

6 Nov

…I’m renting my apartment asap!

If you know anyone in the Calgary area looking for a cute bachelor, please tell them to send me a message!

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He even conducted an interview like this

1 Nov

Just wanted to share this awesome picture of my boss Captain Wayne America. It takes extreme dedication to wear a tight muscle suit all day long, in meeting after meeting… especially when you’re one of the only people on your team who actually got dressed up. Power to you!


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